RADŮZA (Czech Republic)

16 Jul 21:00
3988 days ago Tuesday
RADŮZA (Czech Republic)

An excellent singer, multiinstrumentalist, composer and outstanding stage personality RADUZA is coming at Crossroads with her new release ‘Ocelovy mesto’. Beginning as a busker very soon RADUZA was ‘found’ by Zuzana Navarova and since then her career went with a bang. Raduza, a representative of Czech alternative scene, released nine longplays, composed music to numerous theater plays, not to mention that she was a support concerts for Mike Oldfield or Susanne Vega.

RADUZA was honoured with a vast number of awards, e.g. three Gold Angels, an important award of Czech popular industry. In 2010 she established her own label Raduza Records and with its releases she has continued receive critical acclaim and honours.

RADŮZA – accordion, keyboard, guitar, harmonica, bagpipe

Josef Štěpánek -electric guitar

Jan Cidlinský – bass guitar, double bass, violin

David Landštof – percussions

Tickets: 30 PLN

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