CROSSROADS Festival Krakow – RADŮZA (Czech Republic)

An excellent singer, multiinstrumentalist, composer and outstanding stage personality RADUZA is coming at Crossroads with her new release ‘Ocelovy mesto’.
Event: RADŮZA (Czech Republic)

Event: RADŮZA (Czech Republic)

July 16, 2013

An excellent singer, multiinstrumentalist, composer and outstanding stage personality RADUZA is coming at Crossroads with her new release ‘Ocelovy mesto’. Beginning as a busker very soon RADUZA was ‘found’ by Zuzana Navarova and since then her career went with a bang. Raduza, a representative of Czech alternative scene, released nine longplays, composed music to numerous […]

Event: Kaszëbë II – RADŮZA – Megitza –  CROSSROADS Festival Krakow

Event: Kaszëbë II – RADŮZA – Megitza – CROSSROADS Festival Krakow

July 14, 2013

15th CROSSROADS Festival Krakow 14-21 VII 2013. Festival CROSSROADS 2013 will present artists who continue the musical
tradition of the Nordic countries – including cultural diversity and variety
of artistic forms: from crude Scandinavian traditional music to
sophisticated processing and inspiration of the ethno jazz scene.

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