Weller / Parker / Drobka Trio

Chris Weller (Chicago) – tenor saxophone & effects
Mike Parker (New York) – double bass, electric bass & effects
Devin Drobka (Milwaukee) – drums

Chicago saxophonist Chris Weller has teamed up with bassist Mike Parker (New York) and drummer Devin Drobka (Milwaukee) to present a new trio that explores group improvisation and original compositions using acoustic and electronic elements. The use of electronics and looping pedals in their music allows them to create soundscapes larger than any 3 people could normally produce. Weller and Drobka have collaborated for over a decade in various groups, including the avant-rock trio Hanging Hearts, Devin Drobka’s Bell Dance Songs, and Drobka/Weller Duo. Joined by Parker, who leads his own tour-de-force group Mike Parker’s Trio Theory, you can expect to hear a wide range of musical influences from Rock and Classical, to Jazz, the Avant-Garde and


Chris Weller- tenor saxophone & effects
Chris Weller is a tenor/bass saxophonist and composer living in Forest Park, IL. He attended Berklee College of Music on scholarship from 2007-2010 where he received his bachelors degree in saxophone performance.

During that time, Weller performed in jazz groups across the nation. Since college, he has performed internationally as a bandleader, established a reputable private teaching studio, and hosted clinics in the U.S. and abroad on elementary, high school, and college levels. “…It’s Weller’s battery of effects pedals and looping devices that put him into an otherworldly stratum….” – The Shepherd Express http://chriswellermusic.com/

Mike Parker- double bass, electric bass, and effects

A native of New York, Mike began his professional career at the age of 17 playing funk and rock gigs in New York City clubs. Now at the age of 29, he has toured all over Europe and America with both jazz and rock groups, won several international contests and awards, studied with and played with some of the greatest musicians alive, and recorded 3 albums of his own compositions. Mike attended Skidmore College where he
studied Evolutionary Psychology and Music and spent a semester abroad studying Jazz Bass at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. After graduating with highest honors, he traveled extensively around Europe before settling in Krakow, Poland. Since then, he has had many fruitful collaborations there including recording his second album of original material ‘Embrace the Wild’. Mike can currently be seen touring around Europe with his ‘Trio Theory’ project or the New York-based rock/funk ‘Nat Osborn Band’. He has recently performed with such notable musicians as Marc Ducret, Marc Bernstein, and Dominik Wania. “… Parker and associates produce music that is meaningful and inspiring” – All About Jazz www.mptheory.com

Devin Drobka- drums

Devin Drobka is a Jazz Drummer Currently living in Milwaukee, WI. Devin has performed with with Bruce Barth, Jerry Bergonzi, Tony Malaby, Joe Solomon, Dave Santoro, Mario Pavone, Matt WIlson, Tadataka Unno, Dan Tepfer, Joe Martin, Tom Chang, Chris Tordini, Lena Bloch, Kyle Wilson, Ben Wendall, Jorge Roeder, Dan
Blake, Tyler Blanton, Dmitry Ishenko, Sean Conly. You can catch Devin performing with his group Bell Dance Songs, Lesser Lakes Trio, Johannes Wallamann Group, Paul Silbergliet Trio, Hanging Hearts, Field Report, Ruby Yacht, Drobka/Weller Duo, Dim Lighting, Argopelter, Lady Cannon and Soft Alarm. “…a remarkably sharp collective mind set for improvisation.” – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel http://cargocollective.com/devindrobka


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