Trio was constituted on special concert of Jazz & Beyond Festival in 2015. The soul of the project was a person of Mikolaj Trzaska, who decided to connect the unconventional musicality of his friends.

Mikolaj played both Rafal and Peter-Ole, but in different bands, while these two improvisers never played before together. The concert was an eruption of energy and musicality and musicians decided to play in the trio. I March 2017 they will record music for their first CD in Krakow legendary club Alchemia.

Mikolaj Trzaska – saxophonist, composer, improviser

The leader of Polish avan-jazz, free improvised music scene. Cofounder and saxophonist of Miłość, one of the main pillars of so called yass scene. The group cooperated with among others Lester Bowie and Tomasz Stańko. They recorded five albums together. In 2000 together with his wife Ola Trzaska he founded a publishing house Kilogram Records, which publishes Mikołaj’s albums and impro-free jazz music. Mikolaj is well-known on the European and world scene of fee jazz, recorded lot of CDs, played on many festivals and he cooperated with a lot of important and brilliant musicians, as Peter Brotzman, Joe McPhee, Joy Rosen, Clementine Gasser, Peeter Uuskyla, Peter Friis Nielsen, Noah Rosen, Peter Jacquemyn, Clayton Thomas and others. In November 2007 he is invited to join an international project of Ken Vandermark “Resonanse”, where he cooperates with Tim Daisy, Steve Swelle, Magnus Broo, Yuriy Yaremchuk, Marek Tokar, Dave Rempis, Michael Zerang and Per-Ake Holmlander. Nowadays Mikolaj is composing music to the films of Wojtek Smarzowski and still creating new jazz projects among which is a trio with rafal Mazur and Peter-Ole Jorgensen.

Peter-Ole Jorgensen – drummer, producer, composer

At the present Peter-Ole is one of the most important figure on the Scandinavian freeform/improscene. Since more than two decades he is creative participant of many musical projects and phenomena. He is also an owner of independent musical label -Ninth World Music. He compose music for ballets, films and for many ensembles in which he is an leader. He has over 30 albums in his discography. He is cooperating among others with David Moss, Phil Minton, Axel Dörner, Steve Lacy, Mats Gustafsson, Thomas Lehn, , Frank Lowe, David Thomas, Evan Parker, Alan Silva, Pat Thomas, Peter Brötzmann, Johannes Bauer, David Moss, Herb Robertson, & Sirone.

Rafal Mazur – bass guitarist, philosopher, improviser

Rafal Mazur’s involvement with music began in his youth with the cello studies in Krakow. He switched to bass guitar in the late 1980’s. Since 2000 he has played an acoustic bass guitar built to his demand. He has developed an advanced and individual approach to his instrument, and to improvisation in general, in which sonority, extended technique and gesture combine effortlessly in performance.

Rafal is also academic philosopher and his main subject of research is Daoist strategy of action in unarranged situations and adaptation this strategy to the practice of spontaneous improvisation in contemporary music. Since 10 years he practices Taiji to find perfect balance between body, mind and the world which is in his opinion paradigmatic attitude of improviser. Among others he cooperating with Liudas Mockunas, Raymond Strid, Agusti Fernandez, Guillermo Gregorio, Zlatko Kaucic, Lotte Anker, Anna Kaluza, Mieczyslaw Gorka, Artur Majewski and Martin Kuchen.



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