TEDER After Shalom on Szeroka Street Party


Curator of the DJ scene at the 27th JCF

Teder is a pop-up radio bar or a project that is a radio station, a bar, a kitchen, a shop with new design and gallery in one. Previously Teder opened up only for the summer, but  after six years of wandering around various spots in the city, it finally settled down at Beit Romano from where it broadcasts all year long. Teder has developed a brand through its exceptional format, unique atmosphere and interactions between artists and the public. The project has been invited to many events in Israel such as the Bloom Festival in Tel Aviv, the Jerusalem Season of Culture and the InDnegev Festival, as well as outside the country, in Japan and Russia. Since 2014, Teder musicians have been playing regularly at JCF and their events have quickly gained the status of one of the most important DJ events in Krakow.

During the 27th JCF we have invited TEDER to co-create the DJ scene program: they will open the inauguration party at Market Square, take over the dance floor in the cellar of Alchemia club, and for 3 days sway the decks of Barka.

Saturday, July 1, midnight

TEDER After Shalom on Szerok Street Party

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