The band represents music and dance in the World Music trend. The idea behind the artistic actions is a presentation of different traditional elements of all the continents of the globe as an integrated community.

The artists taking part in the project are globetrotters, absorbing the World culture, learning from the mastres from Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Europe. Through this experience original instruments from distant corners of the globe may sound together. The program of the concert presnents their own music inspiered by musical variety of the World cultures. The message of the project „ŜANĜO – The Change of the Earth Vibration” – is similar to to the one, that made Ludwik Zamenhof to create the international language Esperanto – the language which is a way of communication, but does not displace the regional speech. The language that is no strange to anyone in the World, is what the music ŜANĜO is, where the sung texts are translated into Esperanto – ŜANĜO DE LA VIBRADO DE LA TERGLOBO (THE CHANGE OF THE EARTH VIBRATION).
ŜANĜO in its singing expresses best wishes, stating that our civilization has changed its priorities and uses music to renew the spirit of peace on Earth. The wars will be replaced by common music and dance. This quite naive wish of independent artists sounds like a determined assertion giving hope to a colourful and bright future of the Earth.

In June 2014 came the premiere album. Thanks to it, you can look at the unusual artistic expression, which combines virtuosic music with the prophetic vision of the changes connected with the incoming Age of Aquarius. The album shows the conjuction of the space dimensions with full of mysticism tribal nature of a man. The album presents colourful variety of ethnic instruments from all over the World in a modern ambient synths and rhythm section of free-jazz. Rhythm enriches the group of globetrotters (Foliba), which specializes in dance tradition of West Africa.

Portuguese fado singer– João de Sousa, actoress, white singing voice actress – Natasha Sołtanowicz, shaman woman from Hungary – Halina Bergerné Wilk.

Tickets  20 PLN in advance, 30 PLN on the day of the show 



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