08 May 20:00
4034 days ago Wednesday
Samech: The desing of Hebrew letter samech is a circle, and represents infinity, because has no beginning or end. In Kabbalah the samech represents the infinite power of the Ein Sof, G-d's infinite light.

The project was created in 2003 by Anna Ostachowska – violist, composer, arranger, graduate of the Music Academy in Krakow, Poland and Birmingham Conservatoire in UK. Her classical education was essential in combining classical music and traditional klezmer sounds. Anna has been connected with Krakow district – Kazimierz – the capital of klezmer music in Poland for many years.

In 2003 she formed Samech – a band that mainly played traditional klezmer music. Today Samech plays world music – combination of classical music with traditional Jewish and oriental elements – sounds coming from the most inspiring corners of the world which brings a huge load of expression and mistycism. Samech style reaches also jazz, latin and folk music.


Anna Ostachowska – viola

Magdalena Pluta – cello
Marek Lewandowski – double bass
Robert Sztorc – percussion

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