RYKARDA PARASOL – „The Color of Destruction”

“No heart is safe
That’s the risk you take
Be courageous and crazed
You played it safe, I was not afraid to lose.”

In life, art, performance, and in love – when we put ourselves out on display, we are vulnerable to scrutiny. Some of us face judgment and rejection often. Frequently. Repeatedly. We lose more than we win. We are the disappointment of others when we change and grow or when we make mistakes and take risk. Without giving in to the wants of others, one must blaze through these turbulences defiant. The power is in the loss of control: surrendering to instinct and the breaking tides no matter the destruction.

“Red embers burn in each vessel”

“The Color of Destruction” serves as something like the antithesis of 2013’s “Against the Sun”, which revolved around one’s autonomy, introversion, and independence – which was emphasized by being instrumentally stark and self-reliant. Unlike “Against the Sun”, “The Color of Destruction” has opened its gates to whatever instinctively bubbles from beneath. Duende. It goes where the waves wash. Instrumentally the most lavish of Parasol’s work with layers of cello, violin, viola, trumpet, flute, and guest vocalists to open itself up. The album explores the loss of restraints and frees itself up to rhythm. Love, both beautiful and tumultuous, becomes the metaphor for lack of control and the willingness to choose less traveled and secure paths without care for fate:

“Some of us glide unsteady oceans
Some of us through the safety of land
Red color stokes our devotion
Seventeen ruins break on the sand.”

Listeners will find themselves passing through seasons shifting between winters and burning fires. Waiting and witnessing changes. Loss and remains. The coldness of winter and the bonfires that burn during Valbourg’s Eve and of the heart.

“Why would anyone make a suicide?
When they could revel in the spell of slow demise.
Undress my love; lay me at your side –
And I’ll demonstrate my destruction.
My destruction is fearless wronged by drought
It tangles my hair, wreaks havoc upon my mouth
We two bend to hear words wild and tender
We have no power, we only surrender”

Tickets 30 PLN in advance, 40 PLN on the day of the show


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