Romantic Fellas

Memories of late 80s and early 90s generation are dominated by VHS, first video games and Whitney Houston's tape listened on parent’s car’s cassette player.

A group of Krakow based boys vividly remember own tarnished childhood memories, happily including their aspects into compositions, nevertheless not forgetting about technological advances of today’s world. Their music is dominated by the longing for colorful and bold ways of composing music back from three decades earlier, expressed in a language clearly understandable for wide audience. Melodies purposefully discord with romantic topics, and the band’s sound is far from being tender and lovely. They aim to be everything today’s listeners seek for, and at the same time all they haven’t yet experienced.

They tend to be romantic, yet they’re grown-ups now. They’re simply Romantic Fellas.

The band was formed in 2015 by Ignacy Matuszewski, Krakow-based producer, pianist and composer. His great passion for analog synthesizers and compulsive gear collecting defined the sound of Romantic Fellas, making songs’ character unique and slightly satirical.

Vocal of the band was handed over to Kuba Bugala, Krakow-based singer-songwriter, who showed his fans (knowing him until then from his band Further Away) somewhat another face. Ignacy and Kuba were joined by Jacek Dlugosz – highly-skilled guitarist known from his collaborations with Adrian Utley, Beata Banasik or Agatha; Justyn Malodobry – brilliant bass player, producer, former of Lennox Row, member of Stanislaw Slowinski Quartet and Gadabit as well as Michal Pamula – an extremely solid drummer, member of Balkanscream, Tau and SoFlow.

Professional academic education and longtime friendship allowed musicians to finish their debut album in merely 4 months from forming of the band. “How to Be Romantic” was recorded in Ignacy’s home studio, where he was responsible for production and mix of all the tracks. Thanks to completely independent work, not limited or rushed by studio regime, the band achieved a specific sound, which was able to successfully compete on air with high-budget productions. Romantic Fellas debuted live on September 21-st, 2015, announcing their album, which was released just few months later. “How to Be Romantic” LP is now available in all of the most popular streaming services: Spotify, TIDAL, iTunes, Deezer and Youtube.

“Crazy Love” has become a song of the day of Trojka Polish Radio. The band was also awarded Grand Prix of Festiwal Mlodych Talentow in Szczecin (2016). First year of Romantic Fellas’ activity was crowned by being recognized as one of the three most anticipated young Polish bands in 2017 by Brand New Anthem. In June 2016 Romantic Fellas debuted on Polish mainstream stage, due to „How To Be Romantic” reedition by one of the most prestigious music label in country – Kayax.

TICKETS: PLN 15 pre-sale / PLN 20 on the door on the day of the concert


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