Raman VPR & Babacool Foundation (roots rock reggae from russia)

04 Jun 20:30
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Raman VPR & Babacool Foundation (roots rock reggae from russia)
The band Raman VPR & Babacool Foundation - is the true center of Moscow cyclone from the early 2000s. Headliners of famous festival "Pustye Kholmy" in Russia, expected guests of each reggae event and constantly touring co-thinker band, whose songs have been recorded for good in players from Irkutsk to the Crimea.

The leader and founder is the mentioned Raman VPR – this nationwide musician coming from the broad Volga plains has already created six albums and countless live and home recordings. In his songs we recognize the profound lyricism of acoustic concerts and hard raggamuffin of electronic sets. VPR sounds perfect in every music spectrum – from light electronic lounge compositions to dance “thrillers” that each time enliven the crowd. During concerts reggae harmoniously intertwines with afrobeat, and blues with traditional Russian chants. The only constant element is an amazing groove, which does not allow us to sit still. Collective concerts are always improvisation with a subtle sense of the current moment, which dictates the pulse of each song. The All of the World Festival consists of musicians with over a decade of experience in a variety of formations and refined mastery of the instrument. Among them we can hear, inter alia, the charismatic leader of the well-known in Poland klezmer band Nayekhovichi, Vanya Zhuk.

Raman VPR & Babacool Foundation are generally well-liked: from the largest and most distant Russian cities, through the island of Goa to the European clubs. Now the band resides in Moscow, participating in many cultural life events of the capital, supports various thematic festivals by its presence. For many years the musicians are the regular guests of “Pustye Kholmy”, “Space of Joy”, “Systo palty”, occur in the joint concerts with the world stage stars (Lee Perry, Zion Train, Prince Alla, Paprika Korps) and continue to develop, pleasing genre amateurs with new records.

Roma VPR and All of the World Festival welcomed the beginning of 2011 touring in India. At the end of the year they produced the album “Shiloh” (“Шило”) and the completion of the first documentary about the band is planned in the near future.

Tickets 15 zł in advance, 20 zł on the day of the concert

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