Piernikowski / 1988

Robert Piernikowski is a paradoxical man – a rapper loved by punk-rockers and mocked in hip-hop circles, completely unappreciated in Poland but able to attract large crowds to his concerts in the Czech Republic and perform at such large festivals as Barcelona’s Primavera and New York’s Unsound. The vocalist from Napszyklat, Robert Piernikowski, released his solo debut album in 2012.

MORE: http://culture.pl/en/artist/robert-piernikowski

1988 – artist, musican, music producer, member of Syny.

1988 – artist, musican, music producer, member of Syny.

Latarnia (eng. Lighthouse) is a independent music label and art platform based in North Poland. Was founded in 2012 by Wojciech Krasowski and Przemysław Jankowiak.

We’re focused on releasing good music and organise events. We’re non-profit organisation, so all of our income we invest in new records and support for our artists.

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