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Being a praiseworthy Ukrainian response of popularity surge to Goran Bregovich, Boban Markovich and «Non Smoking Orchestra» by Emir Kusturitsa, Perkalaba’s activity started in 1998.

Since then the band has become famous and desirable not only in Ukraine but also in Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Ethno-rock festivals are known around the world and awaited from Perkalaba again and again and again. Like Yevhen Gudz, by the way, one of lovers of Perkalaba art, propagandizing gypsy-punk, the band invented its own style — Hutsul roots. Each of the previous four albums of Perkalaba (Horrry! (2005), Quazzargh vs Perkalaba (2006), Ivano-Frankivsk Speaks Up (2007), Chydro (2009) and Dido (2011) differs from the others, early tracks of the band tend to reggae, gradually transforming to folk Hutsul music and magic.

But every single hit must include three elements, and only Perkalaba has such combinations: musical quality and peculiarity, power of stimulating an action and dance, that can be compared with nothing, as well as fullness of sounds and text, combining in a super-real trance message, an indispensable stimulus of emotions of true incredible life.

Availability of communication. The music, seeming to be full of folk motifs, actually claims to become popular and usual at weddings. Critics try to draw parallels, to compare with someone. But this method is simple — eclecticism and brycolage. Everything may be interconnected, plaited into sounds jolly and organically. Everything is combined. Ease, humor, serenity form the brand style in this combination.

Inadvertence. Just music of Mountains. Constant presence of mountains, pure air, sunshine. And, what is more important, it is not imitation. Many things can be imitated: intellect, global grief. But not real slovenliness, mockery and familiarity.

Anarchism. All phenomena, presented today as events of priority importance, the most important factors of life — political pecking, show-business blinking, big money; all phenomena, that in fact have nothing to do with human life, its deep essence, just polluting air and space — won’t be heard in the music of «Perkalaba». It’s great! It’s cool! It’s lively!!!

Andriy “Fedot” Fedotov – vocals

Sasha Gridin – bass

Volodymir “Vovyendzhya” Shoturma – cymbals

Seroha Shvayuk –  trumpet

Victor Stepanyuk – trombone

Lev “Skrypa” Skrentkovych – drums

Victor Novozhylov – guitars

Ruslana Khazipova –  vocals, djembe, dancing

Oleh “Mokh” Hnativ – producer and management

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