Paula & Karol

Paula & Karol came onto the Polish folk pop stage 8 years ago, striking the country as the music scene’s odd couple – singing in English, playing instruments they didn’t fully know how to play, giving concerts at backyard parties and on street corners. They quickly became pioneers in the now-growing indie pop music scene in Poland.

Paula – a half-Polish half-Canadian sociologist, met Karol, a musician from Warsaw, and began making music together, first alone, and then gathering a clan of friendly faces to play along with. Their gang of musicians helped Paula and Karol’s sound grow from home-made romantic folk, to a deeper, richer pop rock. They’ve also performed in Iceland, Holland, Ukraine, France, Great Britain, United States and Canada, and regularly tour in Germany, where Paula now lives. What has changed after all these years? Paula and Karol’s live performances are cited as being extremely heartfelt, emotional, bordering psychedelic. They explain, “we sit down and write music together, talk about life, and try to make the songs as personal we can. We have also been playing and touring with the same group of people for a few years – and those people have become our closest friends and they influence what we do and how we play in a very strong way.”

After two years of relative silence, the band is back touring with their fourth studio album, titled “Our Town”


2009 Goodnight Warsaw EP
2010 Overshare
2012 Whole Again
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