Ondra Smeykal & Dominik Muszyński

For the first time they will play together

ONDŘEJ SMEYKAL – czech professional didgeridoo player

A one-man Didgeridoo orchestra is perhaps the best way of describing the extraordinary music of phenomenal Didgeridoo player Ondrej Smeykal. His highly original style of play is the result of a life completely devoted to his instrument. For well over a decade and with ever increasing intensity, Ondrej has been developing and redefining his own unique approach to the Didgeridoo. His predominant use of unusually long Didges and “extensions” of up to 4 metres in length, enable him to play incredibly deep tones and to produce a much wider range of sounds and overtones than are possible on regular didgeridoos. Each composition, or song, as he refers to it, is very different in style, ranging from break-beat and organic Didgeridoo techno, to trance, ambient and anywhere in between.

Dominik Muszyński  – Artist, Musician – Drummer, Menager, Animator of Ethnic Culture, Piercer. The creator of the WADADA project.

WADADA project was founded in 1996 in Poland and creates music inspired by traditional rhythms of Africa, Cuba and Brazil with large admixture of native melodies. The band played hundreds of concerts in homeland and abroad. Since 2013 the group explores new directions, combining acoustic drum sounds with electronic effects, electric guitar and keyboards.

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