Ondra Smeykal & Dominik Muszyński

Ondřej Smeykal is a didgeridoo virtuoso from the Czech Republic.

Ondrej Smeykal – a one-person didgeridoo orchestra is probably the best way to describe the unusual nature of the music of this phenomenal artist. The original style of his music is the result of total dedication to this instrument. Ondrej has been constantly developing and redefining his own unique approach to didgeridoo for over two decades, with increasing intensity. The fact that he uses the extremely long Didgoo – up to 4 meters in length – allows him to get extremely deep tones and play a much wider range of sounds and subtexts than on standard Didgeridoo. Each composition or song – as he calls it – is very different in style, from break-beat and organic Didgeridoo techno to trance, ambient and everything in between.

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Dominik Muszyński has been involved in the music and promotion of ethno culture since 1991, he plays all kinds of percussion instruments, in particular on drums (conga and djembe). He is the leader of the WADADA band, with whom he performs throughout Poland and beyond. This project is associated with percussive ethnic music from West Africa, Cuba, Jamaica, Brazil, Georgia, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East, and was one of the first bands here in the country over the Vistula River, playing such music.

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