18 Jun 20:00
3993 days ago Tuesday
The band was founded in 2008 by: Tomek Głuc, Jakub Rutkowski, Aleksander Papierz. In 2010, he joinded the group Michał Dymny.

Main inspire the team is improvised music based on jazz,rock,electronic,ethnic & aleatoric music.
It is a kind of these species connected with sensitivy and virtuosity of the musicians,shows its best side on the exciting concerts.

1.”Commandor Koenig to the Alpha base: the Eagle is ready for take off” (2009)

.”Fitoplankton” (2011)

3.”Galofalot” (2013)

Aleksander Papierz (saxophones)

Tomek Głuc (handsonic,groove box, sampler)

Michał Dymny (guitar)

Jakub Rutkowski (ac.& el.drums)

Tickets 20 zł in advance, 25 zł on the day of the concert

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