Noël Akchoté & Mikrokolektyw

Internationally acclaimed Polish duo Mikrokolektyw return with their boundary pushing sonic escapades - melding electronic atmospheres, jazz improvisation and rhythmic interplay into their signature sound. The French guitarist-improvisor Noël Akchoté is a frighteningly competent and active person. He has recorded a lot of music in various styles, he writes about music in the Austrian magazine Skug, he is the owner of a record label, he produces many different groups and participates in various projects.

 Artur Majewski : Trumpet
Noël Akchoté : Electric Guitar 
Kuba Suchar : Drums 

Tickets 30 zł


After successful tours of Europe and the America’s Mikrokolektyw have gone back to the studio and given us ABSENT MINDED – the next step in the evolution of jazz. A high energy but introspective set of wide ranging ideas that take the listener from edge-of-your-seat improv to roller coaster soundtracks and beyond.

Kuba Suchar and Artur Majewski continue to explore a vast terrain of post jazz soundscapes. These shifting limitless ideas, merging electronic sounds with complex melody and rhythm, push them to the forefront of contemporary jazz. As with their critically acclaimed debut Revisit and it’s follow-up live DVD Dew Point, Absent Minded is a stark and brilliant reminder that jazz is a living language, constantly expanding into new horizons. Mikrokolektyw reveal a facet of jazz whose sonic palette is diverse and challenging yet astoundingly beautiful. A boundary erasing excursion into the range of emotions that is possible when we speak in multiple tongues.

“The boldest set so far from Mikrokolektyw (their 3rd on Delmark, including a DVD,) and a record that really has the Polish duo coming into their own! As before, the record’s got an electro-acoustic blend of trumpet, drums, and lots of electronics – used in ways that take us back to 70s experiments of this nature from the European free jazz scene – but also informed by some noisier styles that have come up from the underground in more recent decades.”


Noël Akchoté

Born in Paris, the 7th december

1968, he started guitar at the age of 8. Soon meeting and studying with artists such as

Tal Farlow, Barney Wilen, Chet Baker, Philip Catherine, John Abercrombie. During the

early 90’s, he started to explore beyond jazz, also playing more experimental and improvised

musics. He played in the groups of Henri Texier, Louis Sclavis, Daniel Humair,

Jacques Thollot, Sam Rivers as well as with Derek Bailey, Eugene Chadbourne,Marc

Ribot, Fred Frith, Evan Parker, Lol Coxhill, Tim Berne or George Lewis.

He collaborated since with David Grubbs, Luc Ferrari, David Sylvian, Jim G. Thirlwell

(Stero.d Maximus), Max Nagl’s Big Four (Steven Bernstein, Bradley Jones, Joey Baron),

Jean-Fran.ois Pauvros or Dylan Carlson’s Earth. Other projects have seen him recording

and playing with The Recyclers, Blixa Bargeld, Aki Onda, Phil Minton, Tony

Hymas, Katerine, Tetuzi Akiyama, Otomo Yoshihide, Julie Tippets, Mike Cooper, Wolfgang

Puschnig, Linda Sharrock, Tom Cora, Keith Rowe, Christian Fennesz, Nobuyoshi

Araki or Daido Moriyama. In 1996 he co founded with Quentin Rollet, the mostly Vinyl

label Rectangle (all reissued as downloads in 2011). During thesame period, he produced

for the Münich based label Winter & Winter a series of . Audio Films . revisiting a

wide range of Chansons & Cabaret traditions (Au Bordel, Cabaret Modern,… featuring Red, Jean-Louis Costes, Han Bennink, Steve Beresford, Sasha

Andr.s, John Giorno or Kevin Blechdom), as well as unique rereadingsof the music of

Sonny Sharrock (Sonny II) and Kylie Minogue (So Lucky).

He is also featured in various movies as an actor, soundtrack composer or musical director

(with Thierry Jousse, Michael Lonsdale, Claire Denis, Lio …). He also happens to

be the older brother of the electro artist SebastiAn (Ed Banger, Daft Punk). In 2011, he

signed an exclusive distribution contract with Believe Digital (Worldwide Downloads),

issueing since over 100 rare live tracks and previously unreleased studio albums, from

which a wide Renaissance and Baroque section raised.

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