Noam VAZANA (feat) Tomasz Kukurba (Kroke)

“Nani’s music has distant leanings to Flamenco, North African music and Sephardic traditional song, with timeless melodies and fluid improvisation, but more importantly, she is the only known artist to revitalise the ancient Ladino language of her grandmother’s Morocco, bringing it into the spotlight and up-to-date with material resonant with our own times. Her voice alone is mesmerising – pure and simple, powerful and precise, and imbued with the traditions and the emotional journey of the migrant people who first took their culture across the globe, following the Jewish expulsion from Spain in the 15th century. With her trio, the sound world of fiery Spanish guitar and vibrant percussion is infused with the rhythm of the market place, the melodies of joy and heartbreak, and the stories of a people who left behind their homeland.” -Manchester Jazz Festival

Noam “Nani” Vazana is an acclaimed international Singer, Composer, Pianist and Trombonist. Official selection WOMEX panel 2018, won the Sephardic Music Award 2017, ranked iTunes Top-20 bestseller 2015, won ACUM album prize . Played Jazzahead DE, North Sea Jazz NL, Roccella Jazz IT, Injazz NL, Blue Note PL, Tanjazz MA Tel Aviv Jazz ISR, Artist in residence Amsterdam Roots Festival, sharing the stage with John Clayton, Terell Stafford, Katie Melua, Bobby Mcferrin & more. Vazana composed music for BBC and NPO documentaries & released 3 albums. The Dutch NPO network released a mini documentary about her work in 2018 and  is now making a documentary about her life & music to be released in 2020. Nani’s new album, Andalusian Brew was released in april 2018 (Xango Music) and followed by a world tour of 90 concerts.

“A musical phenomenon”, as described on the Kulturbörse Freiburg program, Noam Vazana will have you holding your breath while you marvel at her voice while she plays trombone and piano simultaneously!) in her live one-woman show. Now as she dares to take her own distinct sound into new dimensions with her new album, Nani, she crosses over to a deeper level with hypnotic ancient Sephardic melodies. The recent winner of the Sephardic Music Award 2017, Vazana released her 3rd solo album Nani: Andalusian Brew on september 2017 in Benelux (Xango Music).

Bursting into the global music scene in 2011 with the release of her first album, Daily Sketch which generated rave reviews and was immediately chosen for ‘Album of the week’ on NTR-radio NL while two singles David’s Lament and Personality were selected for ‘Hit of the week’ on both Radio 2 NL en NTR radio NL. The album also won the Keren Hayesod prize in 2011. In 2010 Noam won the Dutch singer-songwriter competition Mooie Noten and has also won the AICF scholarship for excellence in young musicians for 6 years in a row 2000-2006.

“The 1st original Ladino album in the world” Jewish Telegraphic Agency, USA
“Breathtaking artist, her ballads go under your skin” Frankfurter Allgemeine, DE
“Vazana’s strength is both in her 3-forte virtuoso on all vocals, trombone and piano and in her ability to put a spell on the audience” Maariv, ISR


 Tomasz Kukurba – KROKE

The band, initially associated solely with klezmer music, in their current works draw inspiration from ethnic music using their own improvisations. This way they create their unique style which floates across borders, forms and time, which was not only noticed by the audience, but also appreciated by artists around the world. Steven Spielberg, delighted with KROKE’s concert, invited the band to Jerusalem to perform at Survivors Reunion ceremony. Thanks to Peter Gabriel the band took part in WOMAD Festival in the United Kingdom. The Secrets of The Life Tree piece, performed by KROKE, featured on the soundtrack of David Lynch movie Inland Empire. The meeting of KROKE and Nigel Kennedy resulted in a joint work – the East Meets East album. In recent years the band also collaborated with Anna Maria Jopek, Edyta Geppert, Maja Sikorowska, Krzysztof Herdzin, Norwegian band Tindra, Spanish violinist Diego Galaz, Mongolian singer Urna Chahar-Tugchi and Sinfonietta Cracovia orchestra. They also appeared on the most prestigious music festivals around the world.

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