New Year’s Eve at Alchemia – “The Other Side of the Mirror “

Another year’s passed! Time goes by relentlessly, time is a thief! However on New Year’s Eve at Alchemia time won’t matter when we take back all the stolen moments accumulated into one night full of strange lights, weird creatures, mysterious potions and trance-inducing music.

Beware! Walking through a looking glass you might find that you are someone completely different and, in this world warped into psychedelic fractal-like shapes, you have to abide by different rules;)


Behind the decks:


The Cheshire Cat – Kaj’t

The Knave of Hearts – Wake Up

The Dodo – dArecki


Our special guest:


La Confizerie – a 14-member brassband from Paris




1st batch – 60 PLN

2nd batch – 80 PLN

3rd batch – 100 PLN

(a glass of sparkling wine included)


31 December 2017

8 pm


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