New Year’s Eve at Alchemia – OLIMP Clusive

Oh great goddess, sing thee of a glorious feast
That braught toghether
Gods of Revelries
Demons of Love

Drunk with ambrosia and wine, among the singing nymphs and fluttering birds, they came down to the depths of Hades
And there, washed by the waters of the river Styx, they fell into oblivion and their souls became entwined in dance and extasy

And the music was like song of every nation, the sound of every trumpet and the calling of every creature
Combined in one harmounious melody
That speaks of great beauty, of the desires of all human hearts, of the celebration of passing time

The 14 trumpets: 

La Confizerie Brass Band from Paris

Harps, lutes and drums:

DJ Kaj’t
DJ Wake Up
DJ d’Arecki

High Priests:
Alchemia Crew

8 pm – Abandon all hope

Tickets available at the Alchemia pub and online
1st batch: 60 PLN
2nd: 80 PLN
3rd: 100 PLN

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