Natalie Loves You

Natalie Loves You is a polish band formed in 2011. It all started when Natalie has decided that her dream about being a school teacher in local high school who eats only chocolate bars and hugs to her six cats can wait… Apparently she fell in love… But who is the person she gave her heart to? Maybe you will be able to guess by listening to Natalie Loves You and their debut album Words & Lies.

Out of oxygen, their first single, tells about night’s reverie and a war inside head that grows stronger and bigger in the shadows. The night seems to last for ages… you can only wait for the morning light to calm down and to plunge in the fresh air.

The video clip for that song completes a whole story. The girl has been kidnapped because breathing without her is impossible to somebody. She’s like a bird in the golden cage unsuspecting that the robber is different than others…

Words & Lies contains eleven songs filled with emotions on the first plan. Anger, sadness, doubt, happiness, joy, childish naivety and warmth describes well this album. It’s a story made from Natalie’s memories and life adventures.

Band members:

Natalia Baranowska – vocal, ukulele, loop;

Grzegorz Chrząścik – guitar, piano;

Bartek Pluta – guitars, accordion, electronics;

Piotr Sawicki – bass

Michał Piszczek – drums


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