NAMBY PAMBY BOY Small batch music, handmade in Austria.

Saxophonist Fabian Rucker, multi keyboardist Philipp Nykrin and drummer Andreas Lettner grew up playing, listening, and exploring music together, from Stravinsky to Monk, Aphex Twin to Arvo Pärt,  Dylan to J Dilla, and in doing so developed a healthy distaste for “genre,” ‘meaning,”  and “purity.”  Peering about a musical landscape littered with these concepts,  they  formed NAMBY PAMBY BOY to circumvent the stifling encumbrance that these words represent.

two records so far:
Lunchbreak (2011) and Greatest Hits Vol.2 (2014).

Namby Pamby Boy’s third record “Namby Pamby Boy“  produced in their Vienna hi-tech-gear-head cave continues their quest of the indefinable and will be released in 2016.
They are very happy to do this together with Oliver Weindling and his marvellous team at Babel Label UK.

NAMBY PAMBY BOY includes anything and everything and worships nothing – except fun, and the extreme.








FABIAN RUCKER …was born in 1985 in Salzburg, Austria. He is one of the young European musicians who are firmly rooted in the Jazz tradition yet seamlessly move through all the worlds of contemporary art, from Jazz to Hip Hop, from Pop to Performance Art.

He studied Classical and Jazz saxophone with Harry Sokal and Allan Praskin amongst others.

Touring Europe, China, and the US as a reed player and multi-instrumentalist he has been called “one of the most significant young players in the Austrian Jazz scene,” winning First Prize at the Podium, and receiving the New York Scholarship of the Hans-Koller-Award. This also was the ignition of his deep love to NYC and its music scene.

allaboutjazz wrote: “…an unfamiliar player from Vienna…Rucker was a revelation.”

Together with Phil Nykrin and Andi Lettner he founded the Indieband “Namby Pamby Boy”, releasing their first album “Lunchbreak” in 2011.

In 2012 Rucker, drummer Bobby Previte and guitarist Mike Gamble founded the BARI Trio GAMBLE/PREVITE/RUCKER.

Fabian Rucker is living in Vienna where he also works as a producer and composer.

Credits: Bobby Previte, Mike Gamble, Christian Muthspiel, mathias rüegg, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Mathieu Michel, Gerald Preinfalk, Wolfgang Puschnig, Harry Sokal, Alegre Correa, Lylit, SK Invitational, Sunny Murray, Janus Ensemble Wien, Nouvelle Cuisine, Gerd Hermann Ortler Orchestra, Silke SILK Grabinger, Flip Philipp/Ed Partyka Dectet, Beni Schmid, Frank Schwinn, David Murray, Brittany Bosco, Erik Rico, Lia Pale, Peter Herbert, Philipp Nykrin, Andreas Lettner, Stephan Kondert, TEXTA, Blumentopf, Flip, Mono und Nikitaman, Russkaja…


PHIL NYKRIN …born in 1984. He lives in Vienna where he works as a musician, composer, producer and sound designer. Born and raised in Salzburg his musical influence as a child was mainly classical music. His first instrument was the violin but he moved on to the piano when he was 14 years old.

Nykrin studied the piano and the violin at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz with Christoph Cech and Andreas Schreiber a.o. Furthermore he took lessons with Uri Caine, Sam Yahel…

Throughout the last few years he became a rewarded bandleader and sideman in the Austrian music scene.

His debut as a bandleader in 2007 was the trio album “OPEN ENDED” (cracked anegg records) and was followed by the quartet release “COMMON SENSE” in 2009.

After winning several awards including the NYC Scholarship of the “Hans Koller Award” he went to New York where he found his new trio with drummer Nasheet Waits and Austrian bassist Stephan Kondert.

He has been touring those and many other bands all over Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA.

Credits: Lylit, S.K.Invitational, TY, Blak Twang, FIVA, Blumentopf, Matthias Löscher, Falb Fiction, Jure Pukl, Christoph Auer, Bastian Stein, Mareike Tiede, Klemens Renoldner, Ilse Riedler’s “Strange Ahead”, TEXTA, Flip, Fatima Spar & the Freedom Fries, Louie Austen, Hannes Löschel, Paul Gulda, Alegre Correa, Harry Sokal, Klemens Marktl, David Murray, Theater Ecce, BigBand der Volksoper Wien…


ANDREAS LETTNER …raised in a family that attached utmost importance to music he started playing the drums at a very early age.

He took his first lessons with Martin Grubinger sen. and started to study the drums with Joris Dudli and Doug Hammond in 2001. In 2006 he graduated with honors.

He lives and works as a drummer in Vienna and plays with various ensembles through many different kinds of musical genres.

Furthermore he is part of a very committed collective of Austrian musicians out of which many bands such as Lylit, Namby Pamby Boy, SK Invitational, Lylit/Löscher and [midshi] emerged.

Lylit (Kedar Entertainment, New York; also represents the other aspect of his creative output: Producing.

A striking number of productions like Lylit EP “Unexpected” (Kedar Entertainment 2010), Lylit LP “Evasion” (Kedar Entertainment 2013), Sk Invitational LP “Sk Invitational ” (JazzIT Edition 2008), Sk Invitational LP “Raw Glazed” (Tonträger Rec 2010), Lylit/Löscher “Duo” (Session Work Rec 2011), Blues´n´Lovers (2013) and music for Landestheater Linz and Red Bull Entertainment  already show his great demand as a music producer.

Credits: Lylit, SK Invitational, TY, Blumentopf, Fiva, Klaus Dickbauer, Harry Sokal, Paul Gulda, David Murray, Christoph Cech, Parov Stelar, Mono&Nikitaman,

Agnes Heginger, Gerald Preinfalk, The Ruff Pack, Violetta Parisini…

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