Nac/Hut Report

Nac/Hut Report is a duo consisting of Brigitte Roussel (vocal, electronic, noise-box) and Li/ese/Li (guitar, noises, weird stuff). Their sound includes combination of harsh noise, concrete music, electronic manipulation and melodies.

Second‭ ‬album by Nac/Hut Report,‭ ‬the‭ ‬music project by the‭ ‬underground‭ ‬noise-maker couple Brigitte Roussel and Li/ese/Li.‭ ‬Siren-mutated‭ ‬ guitars,‭ ‬delirious‭ ‬“musique‭ ‬concrete‭”‬ loops and‭ ‬heavily manipulated sounds‭ ‬create the‭ ‬mind-hammering‭ ‬layer for Brigittte‭’‬s‭ ‬ melancholic,‭ ‬hypnotic vocals.‭ ‬Distancing itself from the previous‭ ‬album‭ ‬“9th Overflowing…Milky Slaughterhouse…Dream of Incubator‭ ‬“ closer to a classical industrial background,‭ ‬“Angel-like Contraction Reverse‭”‬ sounds like an absurd crash between‭ ‬avantgarde‭ ‬ ,‭ ‬dream-pop,‭ ‬and outsider music,‭ ‬weird,‭ ‬surreal‭ ‬and sensual at the same time.‭
CD,‭ ‬slimline jewel case,‭ ‬B‭&‬W cover and cards,‭ ‬artwork by BR.‭ ‬First‭ ‬edition limited to‭ ‬120‭ ‬copies.‭


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