MIO MYO (Support : Straight Jack Cat)

MIO MYO combine singer-songwriter-aesthetics with club culture. Exstatic passages, sophisticated, weightless melodies and cutting edge synths form one level. Smart beats and confident rhythm sequences form another. Hovering above this, is an ethereal voice. Highly emotional lines on profound themes appear just as honest as other passages that mock the absurdity of life with mild sarcasm. The result - lyrical sketches with readiness and wit.

With a unique mixture of Indie, Electro and Pop elements, MIO MYO have quickly summoned a considerable fan base. After numerous concerts in Germany, Luxemburg and Switzerland, in which they shared the stage with acts like MGMT, Why?, The Whitest Boy Alive and !!! (Chk, Chk, Chk) the band went on two subsequent China tours in 2009 and 2010. In metropolises like Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong they were welcomed by an increasing number of enthusiastic fans.

Their current album Hyper Romantic Symbolism (“… an explicitly formulated spectrum of the deepest feelings” ) ultimately marked the transition to an internationally acclaimed formation on its way into an exciting future.

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