Miąższ ‘was born’ in November 2008 in Lublin, Poland, right after a good meal, productive music making, and lots of joyful laughs. It came to life in minds and hearts of three people, who frankly speaking, should have never even met.

Karol Koolor Gadzało came from Warsaw with his double-bass, moog and a saw carried under his arm. Sebastian Pikula roller-skated from Lubartów with his guitar and melodies in his pocket. Then, Joanna Ewa Zawłocka rolled all the way down from Łomża and you could hear her from afar because she sings. And she sing well!
For the last 4 years Miąższ has been growing strong, writing songs, eating dinners, playing gigs, meeting wonderful people and enjoying every single part of it.
Miąższ’s music is beautiful, light and amusing but not silly. Their lyrics are with a pinch of salt, and their melodies are so simple that unpredictable, but most of all, they’re indefinable.
Anything can happen at their concert. You can laugh your head off and soon after be moved to tears. And it’s all because Miąższ is REAL.
Miąższ won the first prize in Fama Festival 2010, and took over the crowd at Heineken Opener Festival 2012, but most importantly, Miąższ gives a whole lot of concerts whether it is on stage or on a pavement.
Miąższ has a CD. It was recorded in Rogalów Analogowy studio, with the help and talent of such artists as: Jacek Budyń Szymkiewicz, Czesław Mozil, Jacek Kleyff, Antoni Gralak, Słoma, Jacek Bieleński, Maciek Dziedzic, Cziczko Hann, Daniel Słomiński.

Joanna Zawłocka vocals, cymbals
Sebastian Pikula guitars, akodreon
Koolor Krzysztof Gadzało acoustic double-​bass , metal saw and tibetian bow

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