Marek Pospieszalski plays Sinatra’s songs

After many years of gathering inspirations and experience from other musicians, Marek Pospieszalski proudly presents his proprietary project. It is his own vision of music that draws from the boon of jazz and improvised music as well as many other creative genres. Mostly, it is based on collective playing, which is demonstrated by textures and
multi-layered narration. The melodic base clashes with sonorism. There is no winking or hiding behind a cabaret convention. The music is genuine, intensive, brave and serious. Pospieszalski invited his musical “brother” Max Mucha, who is one of the most wanted double bass players of the new generation in Poland, and the top young musicians from the Berlin arena, pianist Elias Stemseder and drummer Max Andrzejewski.

Elias Stemeseder – piano
Max Mucha – double bass
Max Andrzejewski – drums

TICKET 30 pln

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