La Bogusha Trio Flamenco de Granada

She was born in Wroclaw in a gypsy family with musical traditions. For a dozen or so years she has been living and working in Granada, Spain. In 2003, she founded the band Łaćho Drom, since 2009 she performs as La Bogusha y su grupo.

She works with artists from Andalusia, including with Ania Sola, Cristobalem Osorio, Luis Cordoba, Carlos Torres Llaguita, Pilar Lopez, Juan Rubio, David Heredia, Lolo de la Encarna and Poland – Michał Krygowski, Janek Kubek, Marta Guisado-Czapla. The band La Bogusha y su grupo presents music and flamenco dance in its traditional form. In 2015, a new spectacle was prepared, inspired by the culture of Polish Gypsies. The artistic goal of the band is not, however, a simple fusion of related but different traditions, but the addition of new colours to the rich world of flamenco. The group’s repertoire includes flamenco styles: alegrias, tangos, soleas, cantes de levante, buleria, seguiriya, martinete and Polish Gypsy songs.

The band is composed of:

La Bogusha – dancing, singing

Cristobal Osorio – singing

Luis Cordoba – guitar

TICKETS: 35 pln


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