Kraków Street Band

Krakow Street Band is a formation which is becoming the city’s new musical highlight for visitors from Poland and abroad. Nine professional musicians, each members of many different bands and projects, gather on sunny days to perform on Cracow’s main square. Their performances burst with positive energy, and everyone can see that their main motivation is the joy of playing together, while the coins falling into the guitar case are only a nice addition.

In the first half of 2014, the band has rushed into popularity across the whole country – First, the succesful crowdfunding campaign for their debut album, finished with 170% of the planned amount. Then, the band got to the finals of Must Be The Music, a talent show with millions of viewers, with excellent opinions from the jury in all stages. Finally, Kraków Street Band represented Poland in Haizetara, a great street music festival organised in the Basque country.

In 2015 they released their second, exceptional album recorded in Radio Kraków – “Dedicated To Jerzy Wójcik”, honoring the memory of Poland’s first bluegrass musician. Songs from the repertoire of Little Ole Opry, Wójcik’s band, were recorded in new versions by Cracow Street Band with Krystyna Święcicka-Wójcik and guests.

In the annual survey of Polands most renowned blues magazine “Twój Blues” Kraków Street Band won “Discovery of the year” 2014 and “Band of the year” 2015.

Łukasz Wiśniewski – vocal, ukulele
Piotr Grząslewicz – banjo
Marcin Hilarowicz – guitar
Tomasz Kruk – dobro
Miłosz Skwirut – bass
Adam Partyka – drums
Szymon Klekowicki – trombone
Wojtek Szela – trumpet
Tomasz Drabik – sax

TICKETS 30/35 pln 

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