Ketel One Presents: DJ Kali / SR.Balanga / Kaj’t

DJ KALI (Spain.)

Mad about music, DJ Kali’s goal is to transmit musical passions coming from anywhere on the planet and reflecting her personal tastes. She plays top quality tunes and knows how to rock a fun-loving public, turning the music into an exciting and intense journey using different sounds and catchy world rhythms: Afrobeat, Balkan beat, Ethno-Techno, Brazilian, African, Tropical and many more.

SR.BALANGA (Pl./ Spain)

Sr.Balanga proyect was born in the mountains, the southern Poland at the end of 90’s. At the beginning consisted by two people Dj Renta & McKapa [Actually Deejey Bua]. At the present time based on Tenerife / Canary Island / Spain. During those years was performing in many clubs in Poland like Strefa 22, Forum Fabricum, Droga do Mekki, Madness, Chilout and many many more, EU-Germany, Austria, Holland, Spain, Greece, Latin America / Mexico & Carribe. Since 7 years, he organizes some regular ElecTropical , Balkan Beats & Global Grooves parties in Tenerife and Fuerteventura Island. Throughout his career as a DJ and Selector, he has shared the stage and decks with musicians, producers and Dj’s like: Shantel, Dreadsquad, Vavamuffin, Rafael Aragon, D.WatssRiot, Funklore, Gypsy Box, Ion Din Anina, Barrio Lindo, Dj Cucurucho (Radio Groovalizacion), Joint Venture Sound System and many many more …

Sounds and music presented by Sr.BaLanGa is a pure journey through all continents and cultures from whole all over the world. On the sound system You can hear many special, rare versions and unreleased tracks of underground groups and deejays. By fascinations with traveling and discovering new places and folk music from diferent parts of the world the fan-range extends from Australia till Greenland, literally he have no borders at all.

He’s music is very eclectic, mainly full of hot brazilian & tropical sounds, always a great mixture of classic & modern musical
selections coming from different styles like Balkans, Arabique, Bhangra, Boogaloo, Cumbia, AfroBeat, Funk, Nu-Electro Swing, Jamaican Ska, Reggae & Dub.
Specializes in World Beat, GlobaL Grooves, Balkan Beats, Arabic Noise, DigitaL Folk, Brazilian Flow, BrassKumbia and Mestizo. All fusioned with deep Groovy-Bass.

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