07 Apr 20:00
4065 days ago Sunday
Arutyunyan & Rubenis is an improv duo of two young Latvian musicians - drummer Ivars Arutyunyan and guitar player Edgars Rubenis.

Arutyunyan & Rubenis’ debut record ‘Temple of Sound’ will be released by SKYR in April 2013 on a limited edition of CDs (300 copies) and a super limited edition of audio cassette (ltd. to 33).

The Latvian free jazz duo consists of, without much exaggeration, most talented guitarist and drummer of our generation – Edgars Rubenis (known also as leader of Mona De Bo), whose last record ‘Pag Pag’ is making it to the best Latvian albums list among most of the Latvian music related media, and who has taken part at various festivals as a solo artist and collaborator – UNSOUND in Krakow, SKIF in St. Pete, SKANU MEZS and ZEMLIKA in Latvia and others) and Ivars Arutyunyan (member of various jazz collectives here, at the moment studying music in Copenhagen

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