10 Jul 20:30
3994 days ago Wednesday
I am Super Ape is a reckless primate, born in a cage in the harbor of Malmö one and a half years ago. Since then she has been spitting out three EP’s and gone berserk around Europe a few times. Ladies and gentleapes, finally, äntligen, schließlich, konečne, finalmente, finalement, napokon, končno, wreszcie… the moment has come for her to go bananas again! From the cold north to the wild west, the deep south to the far east, we give you live – I AM SUPER APE.

I am Super Ape are a Malmö based indie rock band born from the ashes of a stoner project in the autumn of 2011. Their music is greatly influenced by the 90’s scene, a mix of indie rock, stoner-noise, garage and psychedelia.

Since the start they have released two vinyls, Primal Scream and Psychonaut and a couple of B-Sides. They are currently working on a double full-length album.

They have played at the main indie venues in Sweden (Debaser Malmö, Debaser Stockholm, Babel Malmö), and they opened for the legendary psychedelic rock band The Brian Jonestown Massacre. The band has toured in Europe several times.


Psychonaut EP, released on 12″ vinyl and digitally.

Primal Scream EP, released on 12″ vinyl and digitally.

B-sides, released on collection-CD and digitally.

A new single (+ music video) will be released in May to promote their upcoming double full-length-album.


Tickets 15 zł in advance, 20 zł on the day of the concert

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