Homburger / Guy / Niggli Trio – Krakow Jazz Autumn Preview

29 May 20:00
2701 days ago Wednesday
Homburger / Guy / Niggli  Trio – Krakow Jazz Autumn Preview

British bassist, improvisor and composer Barry Guy, founder of the London Jazz Composers Orchestra, is joined by early music violinist Maya Homburger and percussionist Lucas Niggli. This Swiss trio combines free improvisation, baroque music, and contemporary composition to create unique performances for audiences around the world.

Barry Guy’s mastery of the bass encompasses extended technique and classical virtuosity, while Maya Homburger brings her baroque-informed violin technique to the world of free improvisation, with stunning results. Drummer Lucas Niggli is “a sonic seismologist, [who] shifts musical textures like tectonic plates” –New York City Jazz Record.

The concert will take place at MOCAK (Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow) 4 Lipowa St

Tickets 30 zł in advance, 35 zł on the day of the concert

Maya Homburger (Switzerland)baroque violin
Barry Guy (England / Switzerland)bass
Lucas Niggli (Switzerland)percussion

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