24 Apr 20:00
4048 days ago Wednesday
"Call it low-western-rock blues jazz soul punk... whatever. HANG EM HIGH. That's what we call it."

Bond / Poland

Created HANG EM HIGH trio with 2 strings and a slide. Bond is recognized worldwide for the unique approach to bass. Bond is also leading Miloopa and Fat Burning Step, as well as  collaborating with artists ranging from electronic to world music music (Eivind Aarset, Anti Pop Consortium, Roli Mosimann, Blu Rum 13, Ganesh Anandan, Tom Mays, Wu Wei)  He’s also busy running his label Gig Ant and Eklektik Session  – festival & platform for creative environments.

Alfred Vogel / Austria

One of the most productive figures of the Austrian jazz scene. This year nominated for the BMW Welt Jazz Award. Alferd Vogel is running Boomslang label and collaborating with Billy Martin (Medeski Martin Wood), Peter Madsen´s CIA, John Schröder, Kalle Kalima as well as leading his projects (KDR-Society, Vogelperspektive )

Lucien Dubuis / Switzerland

A tremendous roar of life. Simple and heart-wrenching. Simultaneously modern and primitive, it achieves to be concept-driven while using a teenage language of revolution. Imagine a chromosomic mingling of a touch of John Coltrane genes and the DNA of the Beastie Boys. He often goes on tour accompanied by Marc Ribot.

Tickets 20 zł in advance, 25 zł on the day of the concert

Bond – 2string slide bass

Alfred Vogel – drums, percussion

Lucien Dubuis – tenor sax, bass and contrabass clarinet

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