The Fuse

The Fuse is a unique connection of apparent contradictions: experience and youthful zeal, chillout and pulsating energy, and last but not least - oldschool sound and intriguing electronics. All of this combined thanks to unlimited amounts of passion and a magnetic groove.

The band’s music oscillates around funk, soul and chillout. Their repertoire is based mostly on original compositions, but it also consists of covers of such greats as The Meters, Aloe Blacc or Galactic.

The Fuse is:

Agnieszka Sieńkowska – vocals

Paweł Zydroń – harmonica

Dominik Lyżwa – guitar

Kacper Ivo Matuszewski – drums

Aleksander Sroka – bass

Marcin Młynarczyk – keyboards

The motto of the band is:

What groove has joined together, let no man separate!

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