Free The Dance and Yedo Gibson Trio – after years, Amsterdam meeting in Krakow!

Free The Dance welcomes for another exciting international meeting of improvised music and dance! This time, during their European tour, three great musicians from Amsterdam are visiting Krakow: Yedo Gibson, Vasco Trilla and Mikael Szafirowski.

After 3 years, it will be an encounter between the dancer Małgosia Haduch and Yedo Gibson – both have common history with the improvised scene in Amsterdam, where they have started their individual artistic pathways on the field of improvisation, deriving from the sources of Dutch masters of free jazz, as Wilbert de Joode or Ab Baars. Among others. Without compromising, Haduch and Gibson are developing own visions, and one of them is to improvise with dancers and musicians.

This evening features also drummer Vasco Trilla, who played already with Free The Dance edition in April 2013. The Krakow-accent will be on-going surprising Paulina Owczarek. Yet the most awaited surprise will be the dance duet by Piotr Skalski and Małgosia Haduch. They met during the “Soul Project” directed by the legendary choreographer David Zambrano but in Alchemia, they will improvise for the first time as DUO!

Don’t miss it!

Yedo Gibson – reeds
Mikael Szafirowski – guitar
Vasco Trilla – drumms
Paulina Owczarek – saxophones
Piotr Skalski – dance
Malgorzata Haduch – dance

Yedo Gibson Trio

Yedo Gibson (BR)- Reeds

Mikael Szafirowski (FI)- Guitar

Vasco trilla (POR) dRUMS

During Yedo Gibsons two year stay in London, he worked intensively together with the drummer Steve Noble in trio format with the bass players Dominic Lash and John Edwards.

This time, meeting and exchanging with many of the top improvisers in Europe, led to the development of his personal musical language and thinking that he is known for today.

After moving to the Netherlands, already in the first week, an alliance between the guitarist Mikael Szafirowski and Yedo started, leading up to the creation of the Royal Improvisers Orchestra. Subsequently they have worked together in the electronic trio NHC and a new band featuring Luc Ex, The Dutch.

For the presentation of the dutch jazz award Boy Edgarprijs in 2010, recipient Anton Goudsmit gave Yedo a call to have some different music for his program in the BIMHuis, giving him the perfect opportunity to assemble a trio to his liking from anywhere in the world. He asked Steve Noble and Mikael Szafirowski and the new explosive and adventurous trio was born.

In the summer of 2013, a fruitful encounter with the young, explosive drummer Vasco Trilla established him also as a permanent member of the Yedo Gibson Trio. This virtuoso hailing from Barcelona completes perfectly the energies of Gibson and Szafirowski.

In Brazil the trio goes with Antonio “Panda” Gianfratti the drummer that has been playing with Yedo on his first records and is co-founder of Abaetetuba ensemble.


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