So Flow + The High Corporation (CZ)


After releasing a live EP in 2015, they conducted a successful crowdfunding campaign to facilitate the recording of their full-length debut.
The album, called “Parallels,” contains smooth-sounding music mixing live instruments with sampling. Combining elements of hip hop, soul, jazz and electronic, So Flow’s sound could be classified under the umbrella term “downtempo,” but that won’t do it justice.
The lush sound of their songs can be warm, mellow, groovy, and invigorating, all at the same time. It combines ethereal atmosphere, hypnotic rhythms and cinematic grandeur into coherent and captivating whole.
During last two years the band visited Slot Art Festival (twice), Artloop in Sopot,
AlterFest in Myslowice, Netia OFF Camera Festival and played a concert in a well-known
Agnieszka Osiecka Studio at the National Radio 3 (Trójka). They have also recorded an EP
Live Sessions with a song The River.
Go and listen their newest single Kalahari ! – >


To get it started, a daughter of a preacher-man hit it off with an ill-flowed drummer, but their vibes required a second pair. Classical jives to stay steady, ground soul frequencies to keep it vibrating. The realms of their minds become realms of your ears.
The band supported Nneka, Selah Sue, Akua Naru in Prague, the biggest festivals they played was Metronome Prague, Beseda u Bigbítu, Valley of Arts Hungary, V4 Theatre Festival Hungary as far as I remember.

The High Corporation – Maj in June


TICKETS: 25 pln
BILETY: 25 pln

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