The Flash! feat. Norbert Pajek

The Flash! was formed in 2014 in Cracow at the initiative of Slawomir Pezda. The band is composed of: Slawomir Pezda (tenor saxophone), Kuba Dworak (bass guitar), and Max Olszewski (drums).

The formation mostly performs original compositions by its leader. The Flash! experiments with acoustic and electric music and play with sound and form in an unconventional way . Their music is a mixture of such genres as punk, rock, noise, drum´n´bass, free jazz and collective improvisation. Due to its liveliness and fusion of various musical genres, the band is an attractive offer for a wide range of listeners. In addition, this is the one of few offbeat bands of this kind on the Polish music stage. The Flash! is 2nd prize winner of 38.International Contest of Young Jazz Bands “Jazz Juniors”.

Sławek Pezda- sax
Kuba Dworak- bass
Max Olszewski- drums
Norbert Pajek- guitar

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