Exhibition Vernissage – Modern look of Afghanistan

17 Apr 19:00
4055 days ago Wednesday
Exhibition Vernissage – Modern look of Afghanistan
A collection of twenty photographs by Katarzyna Javaheri and Marcin Krzyżanowski images that were captured in 2009-2012 in two of the three major Afghan cities of Kabul and Herat.

The stereotype of Afghanistan is based on the image of the country, which is a dangerous country, extremely poor and lacking perspective.

However, it is known that since the fall of the Taliban regime eleven years have passed since then, and in Afghanistan many changes have occurred in improving the country’s economy, education system or access to medical care.
Afghanistan is now a thriving country, combining tradition with remarkable fidelity openness to globalization.

Photos show a new, modern look of Afghanistan. These are the images of daily life of the inhabitants of Kabul and Herat, local architecture, which includes both the traditional architecture on the mountain slopes and the bourgeois middle-class buildings and modern “glass” hotels and banks.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the contemporary and at the same time friendly area of the country.

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