25 Apr 21:00
4047 days ago Thursday
Drekoty is a band founded by Ola Rzepka, drummer and pianist, member of such bands as Pictorial Candi, Wovoka, Graal, Alte Zachen and The Complainer and formerly known for collaboration with Pogodno and Budyń i Sprawcy Rzepaku. Two other members are Magda Turłaj (aka Karotka from Kawałek Kulki) and Zosz Chabiera.

The band debuted in 2011 with self-published Trafostacja EP and right after that started to tour (with artists like Julia Marcell, Paristetris, Pustki and Evangelista by Carla Bozulich) and work on the songs for the first long play. Persentyna LP has been released by Thin Man Records in 2012.

Music on Persentyna combines many contradictions and is not easy subject for classification. Acoustic drums collide with synthetic keyboard sounds and three female vocals. Persentyna could be described as a mixture of sophisticated punk, detuned jazz, feeble breakbeat with some addition of folk and modern contemporary music. Even though some of the tunes are far from typical verse-chorus-verse construction these are still catchy songs. Music and most of the lyrics were written by Ola Rzepka who used also four poems penned by Krystyna Myszkiewicz. Album was produced by Kuba Łuka and Ola Rzepka and mastered by Marcin Bors.

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