Bushmills Live – MISIA Ff

Misia Ff (Furtak) is a singer, bassist (associated with her shortscale bass guitar in the shape of a Monarch butterfly) and journalist most known as a member of the indie rock group Très.b. She was born in Zielona Góra, Poland and is of Lemko origin.

As a child Misia Furtak studied violin, piano, and flute but didn’t like it very much.

Furtak moved to Denmark and studied at Testrup Højskole where she met her band mates Thomas Pettit and Olivier Heim. They first lived in Copenhagen, where they shared a 12m2 room, and later moved to Maastricht and Amsterdam.

After having lived in the Netherlands and Denmark, Furtak moved to Poland where in June 2010, her and Très.b signed to Pomaton EMI and their debut called The Other Hand was released 21 September 2010. The album was recorded in Warsaw at Studio 333 and was mixed in New York City by Victor Van Vugt, who has worked with acts like PJ Harvey, Nick Cave and Depeche Mode. It was well received, and in May 2011 the band was awarded a Fryderyk for Best Debut Album of the Year.

In December 2011 it’s been announced that the band is ready to record a new album and that they want to crowd-fund it by selling the not-yet-recorded CD, a ticket to a release event (or another show) and a thank you note on the album as a package directly to their fans In February 2012 the band recorded with Michał Kupicz (Indigo Tree, Enchanted Hunters). They recorded everything live, so the whole recording process only took 6 days.

The band used unusual ideas to promote the release, eg. the title was announced in a set of riddles and the first single, before the official radio premiere, was streamed by a local espresso bar where fans could hear it with a set of headphones attached to the wall, after they received gps coordinates to find the location.

The album “40 winks of courge” was released 15.05.2012 and received very good reviews:

“One of the best alternative records of last years, immediately marked with that ‘must have’ sticker” Music Is

“Great pleasure for a sensitive listener” Polityka

“Very coherent. Forced me to give it a very warm welcome” Bartek Chaciński

In January 2013 “40 winks of courge” was awarded with the prestigious Paszport Polityki.

Misia (Ff) Furtak is also known for her cooperation with a Polish band Dr.No, with the most recent release being a single called “Dissaray”. This track will be featured on the upcoming Polskie Radio Program III compilation Offensywa vol.4. Their earlier recording was a tribute to Polish poet Stanisław Wyspiański and was featured on a special compilation released by Polish Radio.

Her solo work as Misia is mju is a lo-fi EP called “40 winks”, which is available for free.

She has also made appearances on albums by Lucky Fonz III, Envotion, and Bajzel to name a few. She used to have a trip-hop band called Glorybox. She has never met the other member of Glorybox, Frederik lived in Sweden and they worked over the Internet (2002–2003).

She recently recorded a track with Maciej Werk for his new album “Songs that make sense” featuring a.o Mark Lanegan, Chris Olley or Poogie Bell. The track they did together – “Summer of love”, is the first single promoting “Songs that make sense”.

Her list of favourite/inspiring songs, prepared for a radio interview in January 2011 included works by Bob Dylan, David Bowie, The Smiths, Lou Reed and John Cale, PJ Harvey, Radiohead, The National and Local Natives.

Elle Magazine (October 2012 issue) listed her amongst “the 12 most promising talens of 2012”

In October 2013 she released her firt EP as Misia Ff.

She holds a Masters degree in Media Culture (Maastricht University) and works with the public polish radio channel RDC.

Tickets 30 zł in advance, 35 zł on the day of the concert

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