Bushmills Live – AXMusique (support -Ciocia Stefa, BARTECH, PNDZL )

AXMusique is a Polish electronic rock band established in late 2009, The group's original line-up consist four band members (vocals, electronics, drums and guitar) After release of their first EP in 2009 by Brennnessel label, which got so much of good review AXMusique give out two more EP also in this same record label, and played many concerts, notable festivals including Open'er, NoBorder, Selector or United Island Festival.

A first (long-awaited) LP “Slimy Action Music”, was released 16 of november 2013 by Karrot Kommando label.

Their debut album combines the sound of electronics with power of rock’n’roll.
Dark funk, energetic breakbeat, climatic triphop and classic rock – is just some of many genres that AXMusique was inspired by and contributed to the eclectic nature of ” Slimy Action Music”.

It is worth noting that AXMusique since the last EP develop not only at the level of composition but also instrumentally, beside programming which from the beginning was the stem of a composition, there are plenty of parts played live (both in the studio and the concerts).

Vocal / Guitar – Krzysztof Fajks
Electronika / Keyboard – Krzysztof Podolski
Drums – Szymon Banasik
Guitar – Daniel Frontczak




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