Alameda 5 is a Bydgoszcz-Toruń group that plays avant-rock psychedelic music – one of a kind combination of guitar-electronic sound with trance rhythms, often heading towards cosmic funk linked with new wave, post-rock or even progressive rock.

Quintet was brought into life in Fall of 2014 and was a consequence of activity of Alameda 3 group known from well-received album Późne królestwo (Instant Classic, 2013). So far it released one double album called Duch tornada (Instant Classic, 2015). Alameda 5 consist of five experienced instrumentalists born in ’60, ’70 and ’80.

Rhythmic fundaments of the band is drummer Jacek Buhl and percussionist Rafał Iwański. Tonal core consist of guitarists Mikołaj Zieliński and Jakub Ziołek. The crew is complemented by electronic instruments/ synthesizers player Łukasz Jędrzejczak.

TICKETS 25/35 pln

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