From the very beginning, the idea of the band was a continuous search for something new, also within ourselves. The musicians admit – We would like our music to be called simply KROKE MUSIC.

Kroke are:

Tomasz Kukurba (viola)

Jerzy Bawoł (accordion)

Tomasz Lato  (double bass)

& Sławomir Berny (PL)– instrumenty perkusyjne


Kroke is a group that has been a roaring success on numerous stages throughout the world for many years. Initially associated solely with klezmer music, in their current works Kroke draw inspiration from ethnic music using their own improvisations. This way they create their unique style which floates across borders, forms and time. Kroke’s music was not only noticed by a wide audience, but also appreciated by artists around the world such as Peter Gabriel, Steven Spielberg, Tomasz Stańko and Nigel Kennedy.

In 2017 Kroke celebrated their 25th Anniversary and due to this occasion they released 2 albums: Traveller and a 2CD compilation 25 – The Best Of which includes the most important pieces from Kroke’s discography. The same year the Polish publishing house Świat Książki released a richly illustrated book on Kroke with the group’s archival photograph’s and interviews with each artist from the band.

Kroke’s 25th Anniversary was also a great celebration with full of specials concerts all over the world featuring guests with whom the group worked throughout the years, among others: Zohar Fresco, Anna Maria Jopek and Tomasz Stańko.


The rich, velvety sound Kroke makes is still gorgeous – Tomasz Kukurba’s viola, Jerzy Bawoł’s accordion and Tomasz Lato’s double bass – not particularly unusual instruments, but no-one sounds like Kroke. Andrew Cronshaw (fRoots Magazine Aug/Sep 2017)

I love this band. They’re fantastic, soulful musicians. Peter Gabriel

What makes me feel drawn to Kroke’s music is the spiritual reality of the musicians, this means honesty and authenticity of the music. Nigel Kennedy

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