28. FKŻ Omri Smadar (IL) & Kixnare (PL)

A Tel-Aviv DJ, producer, composer, member of the Libra Discotheque collective, considered one of the most versatile figures in the urban underground scene. He regularly plays in the top clubs of Tel-Aviv, such as The Block, Bootleg, Breakfast Club and Alphabet. His sets typically contain a mixture of heavy house, oriental sounds, disco, African bits and techno. Smadar’s latest release, recorded with Ester Rad, Your Love is Mine, heralding his solo album, has taken mainstream and alternative local radio stations by storm. In 2017, he swayed the Kazimierz floors at Cheder’s b-day party, at the festival he will be accompanied by well-known Krakow DJ: Kixnare.



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