Piotr Lutyński

Painter and creator of objects and installations, often working with live music and living animals

Piotr Lutyński

Piotr Lutyński was born in Tychy, Poland in 1962. He studied at the Silesian University in Cieszyn and lives and works in Krakow, Poland.

His work may be seen as a compilation, a completion of opposites. Painting, the operating language of geometric abstraction is often juxtaposed with the severe rawness of the pure organic matter (raw, rotten boards, honeycomb, wax).

Installations, often operating under sterile conditions, introduce live animals (chickens, goats, ornamental birds, sheep, horses, fish), creating favorable environments for them to stay. Sometimes, building the space carries an autonomous object-matter of living nature.






Piotr Lutyński "Five elements" Museum of Contemporary Art in Kraków

Piotr Lutyński “Five elements” Museum of Contemporary Art in Kraków

His works are in the following collections in Poland :

  • National Museum in Krakow,
  • Lesser Poland Modern Art Museum Foundation 
  • Bunkier Sztuki in Krakow,
  • Starmach Gallery, Krakow,
  • Foksal Gallery , Warsaw,
  • Upper Silesian Museum , Bytom,
  • Podlasie Society of Fine Arts Zacheta,  Bialystok,
  • Foundation for the Silesia, Katowice,
  • Museum in Szamotuly,

and in the private collections in Poland and abroad.


Individual exhibitions :

  • 2012     KR736EJ – Documentation, Alchemia, Krakow
  • 2011

“Second Life”, Galeria Muzalewska, PoznanRotation-of-autobus040

Project KR 736EJ, Fabryka, Krakow

Project KR 736EJ, Modraszek Kolektyw, Zakrzowek – Krakow

Project KR 736EJ, Art Biennale Fro Children, Katowice

Project KR 736EJ, Opening of Contamporary Art Museum, Wroclaw

„Revitalization”, Galeria Inny Slask, Tarnowskie Gory

  • 2010

“ Expression with Lutynski” (Projekt KR 736EJ), performance+ concert + workshop, OKSIR, Swiecie.

Project KR 736EJ, happening, Puck Bay ( Baltic see shore )

Project KR 736EJ, Fabryka, Krakow

  • 2009

    Piotr Lutyński "Second Life". Galeria Starmach, Krakow

    Piotr Lutyński “Second Life”. Galeria Starmach, Krakow

“Second Life” Galeria Starmach, Krakow (sound effects –  Lorenzo Brusci),

Project KR 736EJ, concert + performance, „Elektrownia”, Radom

“Birth ”  Gallery Dada Post, Berlin , GERMANY

Project KR 736EJ, Gallery Dada Post, Berlin , GERMANY

– concert tour + performance – Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Nuremberg , GERMANY

Project KR 736EJ, concert +performance, National Museum, Krakow

„Birth” Galeria Art New Media, Warsaw

„ Awatar Song” Galeria 8, Poznan

  • 2008

“Ghosts, Robots, Animals and Death” Alchemia, Krakow

„Death anniversary of Dűrer” – show,Nuremberg House, Krakow

Projekct KR 736EJ, Bus – Gallery – Studio – concert + performance, Night of Museums, National Museum, Krakow,

– concert tour + performance, Vienna, Bad Waltersdorf, Graz, Klagenfurt, Salzburg, Linz, St.Pölten, Mistelbach, AUSTRIA

– concert, Plac Nowy – Alchemia, Krakow,Piotr Lutyński

– concert + performance, National Museum, Warsaw,

– concert + performance, Galeria Arsenal, Bialystok,

– concert + performance,Cricoteka, Krakow,

– concert, Galeria Starmach, Krakow

  • 2007

“Second life” Art in General, NY ,USA

“What Son of a Father” Galeria Mieszkanie 23 , Krakow

“Second life” Alchemia, Krakow

  • 2006

“Birth”,Starmach Gallery, Krakow

“Music for mice” Alchemia , Krakow

“Core image” Galeria Muzalewska, Poznan

  • 2005 “Music for fishes”, Galeria Foksal, Warszawa
  • 2003
  “Bird column”, Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow
  • 2004

    Piotr Lutyński  "Between the horse and the image". Alchemia, Krakow

    Piotr Lutyński “Between the horse and the image”. Alchemia, Krakow

„Core image, Galeria AT, Poznan.

” Between the horse and the image “, Alchemia, Krakow

  • 2002  ” Vivid images “, Galeria Potocka, Krakow
  • 2001    ” Moving images “,Galeria R, Poznan;Galeria Inny Sląsk, Tarnowskie Gory
  • 2000   Galeria Wiktorii 12, Bialystok ( together with Jerzy Wronski )
  • 1999   “Core”, Galeria ON, Poznan; Galeria Starmach, Kraków
  • 1998   ” Stones are hard “, Galeria Starmach, Krakow
  • 1997
    Galeria Foksal, Warszawa. ” The light guides “, Galeria Potocka, Krakow
  • 1995

Galeria Zderzak, Krakow

Galeria Kronika, Bytom

“History Animalium”, Galeria Krzysztofory, Krakow

  • 1994   “Columns”, Municipal Gallery, Wroclaw
  • 1993

“Painting”, Zderzak Gallery, Krakow.

Inny Slask Gallery, Tarnowskie Gory.

Objects, 6 Gallery, Gliwice

  • 1988   Silesian University, Cieszyn
  • 1985   Silesian University, Cieszyn

Piotr Lutyński


Collective exhibitions :

  • 2012

„Dream is the second life”, BWA ,Tarnow

„Oper Workshop”, Galeria BWA Sopot

„Mobile Atelier”, Galeria ABC, Poznan

9th exhibition- Lesser Poland Museum of Contemporary Art Foundation , BWA, Tarnow

„ Oper Workshop”, Galeria EL, Elblag,

Resonance “Over Kaczyce it fly 27 storks” for Andrzej Szewczyk-friends, Center of Culture,  Castle in Poznan and  Galeria Muzalewska, Poznan

  • 2011   „Revitalization”, Galeria Inny Slask, Tarnowskie Gory
  • 2010

Second Festiwal Art and Documentation, Patio Center of Art, Lodz

„Picture of the collection”, Galeria Arsenal, Bialystok

„Blue”, Baltic Contemporary Art Gallery , Slupsk

„Blue”, Artists’ Gallery , Bielsko-Biala

15 years of Open Studio, Open Studio, Krakow

6th exhibition of the collection Lesser Poland Museum of Contemporary Art Foundation,  BWA, Katowice

„Choice”, View Silesian Contemporary Art Collection,  Galeria Sektor I, Katowice

  • 2009

„Invasion of the Sound”, Zacheta National Art Gallery,Warsaw

„InfluxsUS/Influxus”, Gallery Dada Post, Berlin ,GERMANY

„Summer in the city”, Klima Bochenska Gallery, Warsaw

„Bunkier Sztuki Collection”, Galeria BWA, Gorzow Wielkopolski

„Collection. 20 years of  Starmach Gallery”,National Museum, Krakow

  • 2008

Project KR736EJ, Bus – Gallery – Workshop, Swietliki,

„Bunkier Sztuki Collection” , Instituto Polacco di Roma, Roma ,ITALY

5th exhibition- Lesser Poland Museum of Contemporary Art Foundation,Kraków

„Bunkier Sztuki Collection”, Stary Browar, Poznan

„Hostel”, Galeria Potocka, Krakow

  • 2007

Finally, New! Lesser Poland collection of modern art, Sukiennice National Museum , Krakow

GK Collection #1, Stary Browar, Poznan

  • 2006

„Core”, National Museum, Krakow

„Bunkier Sztuki Collection”, Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow

„What about us now is”, Galeria Potocka, Krakow

  • 2005

„Carry a mirror in front of you”, Galeria Szara, Cieszyn

„Carry a mirror in front of you”, Upper Silesian Cultural Centre, Katowice

„Hommage a Andrzej Szewczyk”, Galeria Sektor I, Katowice

„Signs of the Times” ,Internationa Center of Culure Gallery, Krakow

„Merry Christmas”, Galeria Arsenal, Bialystok

  • 2004

„Nature and/of Art”, Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow

„Under the white and red flag. New Polish Polish”, Natonal Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow , RUSSIA

„Under the white and red flag. New Polish Polish”,  Estonian Art Museum, Tallin,  ESTONIA

„Under the white and red flag. New Polish Polish”, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, LITHUANIA

  • 2003   „Contemporary Art Gallery” Show III, Upper Silesian Museum, Bytom
  • 2002

“4 Rooms”, Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow

“Artists of Sektor I Gallery”, Open Studio, Krakow

“Berliner” , Galeria Kronika, Bytom

“Artifacts”, Galeria Kronika, Bytom

  • 2001    “Personal space” Galeria Sektor I, Katowice
  • 2000

“In the Circle of Galeria Kronika”, Galeria Arsenał, Bialystok

“Core/Kern”, Haus am Lützowplatz, Studiogalerie, Berlin

“Core”, Zacheta National Art Gallery, Warsaw

Galeria Inny Slask, Tarnowskie Gory

  • 1999   “In the Circle of Galeria Kronika”, Galeria Sektor I, Katowice
  • 1997

“Hourglass” Ausstellung Englischen Garten, Berlin

Gallery of the Good Shepherd, Brno

The first International Art Meeting , Katowice

“Personal spaces”, Galeria Kronika, Bytom

  • 1995   “The exhibition of contemporary art for the esteemed audience” National Museum, Poznan
  • 1994              “Desert Storm” BWA, Katowice
  • 1992              “The place is not the place”, Polish Sculpture Center, Oronsko
  • 1991/92         Galeria Kronika, Bytom

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