Tim Daisy Solo

Tim Daisy
An unusually talented percussionist, Tim Daisy is one of the mainstays of the Chicago jazz scene (the so-called young Chicago). Tim was one of the musicians there at the “birth” of Krakow Jazz Autumn.
Timothy Daisy was born on 15 July 1976 in Waukegan, Illinois. Tim has been one of the mainstays of the Chicago jazz scene (the so-called young Chicago) since his arrival there (1997). One of the first musicians Tim made contact with back then was Dave Rempis – and their collaboration has lasted until today.

His first collaborative project – the Triage trio (the original bassist was Gordon Lewis, but he was replaced in 2000 by Jason Ajemian) – came into being in 2001. In tandem with this project, Tim Daisy realized several projects with Dave – the Tim Daisy / Dave Rempis Duo, Rempis Percussion Quartet (together with Anton Hatwich and Frank Rosaly) and The Engines (together with Jeb Bishop and Nate McBride).

In 2001, Tim Daisy joined Ken Vandermark’s quintet – The Vandermark 5 (replacing Tim Mulvenne). Their meeting led to five studio albums and two live concert boxed sets as well as further collaborations with Ken Vandermark in several other groups, including Bridge 61 (with Nate McBride and Jason Stein) and the Frame Quartet (with Fred Lonberg-Holm and Nate McBride). The Dragons 1976 tour of Poland in February 2008 led to a collaboration between Tim Daisy and Polish musicians – The Light trio – as well as a duo project with clarinettist Wacław Zimpel and a trio and quartet with Mikołaj Trzaska.

Tim Daisy fot. K.Pałetko

Tim Daisy fot. K.Pałetko

He is a member of the Resonance project, which has brought together artists from the USA, Sweden, Ukraine and Poland and was conceived by Ken Vandermark, who is also its composer and arranger.

In 2007, the musicians were afforded the opportunity to work together on this project during 5 days of open workshop sessions at the Alchemia club, which formed part of that year’s Krakow Jazz Autumn. The concert finale took place on 18.11.2007 at the Manggha Centre of Japanese Art and Technology in Kraków.

Resonance has already gone through three incarnations: in 2007 (a residency in Kraków), in 2009 (two concerts in Kraków plus a tour that embraced Poland, Italy, Hungary and Ukraine) and a festival in Chicago last March (the Resonance Festival was organised by four Polish independent record labels – NotTwo, Multikulti Project, Kilogram Records and Laurence Family). Released in 2009, the Resonance box set issued by Kraków label Not Two was rated by the journalists at All About Jazz as one of the best boxed set releases of 2009.

Tim also leads his own groups, whose repertoire is based on his compositions. These are the Festival Quartet (with Keefe Jackson, Josh Berman and Anton Hatwich), Sky and Light (with bass clarinettist Jason Stein and Anton Hatwich) and the New Fracture Quartet (with Jamie Branch, Dave Miller and Nate McBride).

Tim Daisy was present at the birth of Krakow Jazz Autumn and we hope that he will perform again on many more occasions on our modest alchemical stage.

Tim Daisy Solo
Tim Daisy (USA)drums, percussion